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Here at Republic of Fritz Hansen ? we believe that furniture can transform a space. We also believe, however, that colours can transform furniture. Colours have no fixed definitions or sizes. Colours change depending on the material they cover, and the same colour can look completely different on the authentic materials we use for our furniture, whether this be veneer, stone, textiles or leather. Colours can also change dramatically depending on the light in a given room. The extent to which a room sits bathed in sunlight or north-facing in the shade will have a decisive effect on the percep – tion of a particular colour and consequently, on a particular piece of furniture. The hours of the day and the shift of the seasons also make an impression on the colours we surround ourselves with. Colours take colouring from each other. From the tones of walls and wooden pieces, the subtle nuances in an artwork they appear next to, ceramic and glass objects, pillows, carpets and throws. Last but by no means least, colours also change over time. They develop a patina, they wear out, fade and are bleached. We celebrate all of this: That a colour is not just a colour, but is a complex and continuously changing entity. We love the fact that colour changes over time, because this makes our furniture vital and unique.