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Design and quality of life make up the essence of our creations. In this new catalog we present a wide range of seating and tables, based in freedom of imagination. We are not bound to general industry formalities, affording us endless selections of materials, technologies, finishes and colors which make for seating and table solutions expressing our deep culture of quality, respect for design and our constant search for harmony, comfort and innovation. These values are accompanied by a constant commitment to the environment and to minimizing environmental impact in the production of all our collections. To do so, Andreu World works with 100% sustainable wood obtained from replenished forests that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ®). The FSC guarantees the chain of custody, from the origin of the raw material to the finished product. Since its inception Andreu World has been faithful to its mission: manufacture products with carefully chosen materials that convey quality of life; design elegant pieces from their conception; establish a discreet dialogue in all types of spaces, in all types of rooms and in the diverse locations around in the world. This versatility allows us to work closely with architects, designers, and creators from many different cultures, all of whom see in Andreu World a reality capable of resolving and providing high quality responses in all types of projects and environments, from public spaces to the favorite corner of our home. In short, this catalog to a certain degree summarizes our best selection of products, bringing together the creativity and effort of great designers, our team and, of course, our customers, who make Andreu World a distinguished brand and international reference in the furniture sector.